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    Is it spring yet?

    April 2014 Update

    For a moment there I though spring had finally arrived! It's been weeks now since we saw the geese flying North and the return of robins, red winged black birds, and starlings. Soon enough the barns will be full of swallows and we'll be knee deep in green beans. Until then, we'll enjoy the site of greening pastures as we make the switch from soaking up as much sun as possible to looking for the shady spot by the creek. 

    It's been a long time coming, but we finally have an update on our future! On April 9th, Bret and I signed the papers and became Cortland County NY's newest farmers! The new farm is 46 acres of mostly open land with a house and an old dairy barn, located about 35 minutes north of Binghamton in the town of Solon, NY.

    We'll be backand forth throughout the summer as we prepare the new farm for the 2015 season (planting cover crops, raising a greenhouse and high tunnel, and other infrastructure projects) while still growing vegetables here in Pennsylvania. We're so excited for the move and look foward to settling in! 


    For the first time, we're offering a mid-week distribution for our CSA in downtown Binghamton! We're collaborating with VINES and their Binghamton Farm Share Program to offer our CSA shares on Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 at the YMCA.  Check out more information here.

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    Stay warm!

    Stephanie, Bret, & Hazel